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The Loft Bridal is by appointment only. Having a one of a kind creation, made to measure only for you, is an experience of luxury that we hope will create a beautiful memory. To this end, we would love to give clients our full and undivided attention, and this includes a one-hour complimentary first consultation in our studio.

A HKD 5,000 deposit is required on your second (and all subsequent) consultation(s) and can be used for your purchase on gowns & veils only.

Please understand that each consultation involves substantial preparation and work as we strive to give a unique and exclusive experience to our customers, and therefore if no applicable purchase is made, the HKD 5,000 deposit is non-refundable.

If you are going to change or cancel a booking, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance.

Booking, changing or cancelling an appointment can be done via email at Alternatively, you can also call us at (852) 2811 0322.


All appointments have been designed to allow optimum time for the full enjoyment of each fitting. A late arrival will limit our ability to offer the fullest possible experience and may also impact our other customers for that day.

Unfortunately, that means we cannot guarantee an extension of time in case of late arrivals. Fittings will be rendered only for the remainder of the scheduled appointment.


HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO ORDER? Because our gowns are made to order with very strict quality controls and they may contain intricate hand beading and embroidery, depending on which gown you choose lead times can range between 4-6 months. We do have several gowns available for rush order. Please let us know up front if you are on a short timeline. As each of our gowns is hand-made, there may be some minor differences in your gown compared to the sample on which it is based. While every effort is made to ensure your gown is a precise re-creation of the sample, the nature of hand-made garments is that there may be some minor differences (but this is also what makes the dresses so unique).

WHAT IS THE PRICE RANGE OF YOUR GOWNS? Our made to measure gowns start from HKD 30K up to HKD 120K.

WHAT IS YOUR DEPOSIT POLICY & DO YOU ACCEPT RETURNS? All of our gowns are hand crafted and made to order especially for you and therefore a full deposit is required. No returns, store credits or exchanges are permitted once the sale has been transacted. The same policy applies to our accessories and lifestyle products.

HOW MANY FITTINGS WILL I NEED? An average of 1 to 2 fittings is necessary for the completion of your gown.

ARE ALTERATIONS DONE IN-HOUSE? Our seamstresses have more than 30 years of experience in tailoring luxury eveningwear and bridal. We will schedule fitting sessions with you upon receiving your gown in order to ensure a perfect fit. Alterations are charged in accordance with our standard rates, having regard to the complexity of work involved and cost of materials and labour. We will of course discuss all alteration charges and fees with you advance, including our own advice on whether alterations are really required (sometimes, they are not and we do not want to waste your money!). Please note that because each gown contains intricate hand beading and embroidery, there are limits to the extent that alterations can be made from the original size specifications.